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MEDZDRAVNITSA – for everyone who has a Heart!

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Our main goal is to improve the quality and life expectancy of the patient. Preserving the health of the younger generation through preventive monitoring. All this can be achieved through a comprehensive approach in our Center.

“RSSC Medzdravnitsa” is the best way to your dream of a healthy and full life.

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Having An In-house
Team Of Expert.

Having an in-house team of expert medical writers and edit ors makes all the difference in terms of getting.

Emergency Operation

Medical makes all the difference in terms of getting your ess.

Heath Checkup

Our Human Heart the difference in terms of getting your ess.


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10+ medical specialists

Our doctors are highly qualified specialists in their fields.

30+ rehabilitation places

You will be in comfortable conditions overlooking the Dnieper River, in an environmentally friendly area of the city

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