Security measures of the clinic “Medzdravnitsa” in connection with the epidemic situation

  1. What are we doing to protect you from viruses?
  • According to the appointed schedule, we regularly carry out general disinfection of the clinic.
  • At the entrance to the clinic, in the halls and offices, we have dispensers with a wide-spectrum disinfectant.
  • Temperature is measured for every patient and employee at the entrance.
  • Shoe covers are given to all patients.
  • To maintain social distance, the number of escorts is limited.
  • All employees, including doctors, nurses and administrators, follow the mask regime.
  • Patients with signs of ARVI do not pass in the main stream.
  • Unscheduled lectures were held with employees to identify suspicious symptoms of viral infections and further action.
  • We observe the schedule for airing the offices.
  • We only use disposable consumables.
  • The clinic has markings to help maintain social distance.
  • All brochures and prices have been translated into electronic form in order to avoid the spread of viruses.
  • We offer online consultations with the attending doctor via video link for patients with an unstable course of the disease.
  • There is a service of calling a doctor at home to a patient in difficult situations.
  1. How can you help Us?
  • Take care of yourself and those around you, if you have signs of SARS on the eve of your visit – let us know and we will tell you what to do.
  • Observe the mask regime and lower the mask only when examined by a doctor with his permission.
  • Practice good hygiene, wash your hands with soap and water, and use the antiseptic products we provide.
  • Don’t forget about social distancing at the clinic.