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The attitude of the staff to customers leaves a very pleasant impression. I would like to express my gratitude to nurses Tatiana and Alla for their work and professionalism; for efficiency, politeness and care, for kindness and attention to people.
You help everyone stay healthy and cheerful. Therefore, I would like to wish you grateful and happy patients, as well as success and prosperity in your work. Happy holiday – Medical Worker’s Day!


Usually, the first impression is decisive. So, in this case it is purely positive. Despite the fact that the center opened only a week ago, while I was solving my problems, I met several visitors who, apparently, came here not for the first time. So the center does not need advertising, people find it themselves. The building itself after major repairs, clean, light, thought out all the little things (even the shoe covers are at the entrance). There is a convenient parking lot on the territory, there is a place to walk and admire nature and a beautiful view of our city.

The staff of the center is friendly, will answer all your questions. If you cling, then the disadvantages include some “uninhabited” center, but it will pass over time. Also, the center is located at some distance from the main routes of public transport, but on the other hand the silence and nature in rehabilitation will only benefit. There is nothing to say about prices, as everyone has their own level of prosperity. But one thing is for sure – right after opening they should be interesting. Therefore, I recommend not to wait for something, but to show initiative, be interested and draw your own conclusions.



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