Результат лечения зависит от комплексного подхода к заболеванию, а именно…

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The term “rehabilitation” comes from the Latin word “rehabilis” – restoration of ability.

Rehabilitation is a complex and coordinated medical, social, pedagogical (educational) and professional activities carried out with the aim of adapting the patient to new living and working conditions while identifying and using his maximum reserve capabilities.

Rehabilitation consists of several points:

physical recovery of motor activity and self-care skills

Psycho-emotional rehabilitation – moral support, restoration of life skills in society

Medication treatment

Why is cardiac rehabilitation so important?
People who undergo cardiac rehabilitation programs live longer, have fewer hospitalizations, better exercise tolerance, and experience improved quality of life and psychological well-being. For these reasons, cardiac rehabilitation is highly recommended for all patients with heart disease by all scientific organizations in the field of cardiology, including the European Society of Cardiology.

Cardiac rehabilitation is an important element of cardiovascular disease prevention strategies. One of the most important tasks of cardiorehabilitation is the creation of a stable motivation for patients to conduct secondary prevention throughout their subsequent lives. And this is the joint responsibility of the patient and the doctor.

Life is motion!

Movement is the work of the heart and the cardiovascular system!

Proceeding from this, correctly selected physical exercises and professional management of a rehabilitologist is the key to a full healthy life!

The RSSC MEDZDRAVNITSA team of specialists will help you reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in the future.

The program “CARDIOREHABILITATION” includes:

Duration month

Treadmill test

Cardiologist’s consultation

Determination of tolerance to physical activity according to the Karvonen formula – 4 times (the maximum allowable heart rate depending on age and the method of measuring physical activity by pulse rate)

Massage – 8-10 times

Rehabilitologist’s consultation -8 -10 times

Classes with a specialist in exercise therapy (treat physical cool) – depending on the allowable loads

The effect of massage on the body and heart function!

– Improving the functioning of muscles and joints

– restoration of biochemical processes

– increased blood supply and nutrition of all organs and tissues of the body

– improvement of heart function due to redistribution of blood

– removal of edema in the extremities

– reduction of venous and lymphatic stasis

The medical center “Medzdravnitsa” is the only rehabilitation cardiological center in Zaporozhye with an integrated approach to each patient!

Only reliable European-style equipment and professional staff whose main task is to take care of your health!

For everyone who has a heart!